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8 pm challenge continued

Today is the last day of my no eating after 8 pm challenge to myself. I did stay up late 1 night and caved to a snack. It was blueberries, the local farm opened on Friday and I only felt a little bad about that slip-up. I really like this short term challenge idea and it makes it easier to say no because in my head it’s only a week. I’m trying to decide if I will do the same challenge next week or a different one.

Sunday weigh-in: 248.6 (6.6 pounds down since June 2014)

8 pm

This week I challenged myself to not eat after 8 pm. I am three days in and doing well. It is amazing how easy it is to find willpower when I tell myself that it’s only for a week. Of course I started on Monday and really the weekend is what I will struggle with but hopefully my progress on the scale during the week will keep me honest this weekend!

Thursday Weigh-in: 249.8 (5.4 pounds down since June 2014)

Woot! Woot! Back in the 240’s!!! Here’s hoping it stays there.

Busy week!

And other excuses I’m not using!!!
I’m tired…
I earned it…
It’s a busy week…
I’m on the road all day…


Weigh-in: 251.8 (3.4 pounds down since June 2014)

Feeling good!

So I haven’t been logging everything and I’m trying to get back into that. I know I haven’t been grazing a whole lot the last two days and I’ve definitely been getting my workouts in!

Thursday I did 15 minutes of heavy (for me) leg weights and medicine ball squats. I did 15 minutes while I waited for my friend to show up at the gym, we walked for 53 minutes and covered 2.5 miles. Then I went and hoed in my sister’s garden for about 45 minutes. After that I pulled weeds at my brother-in-law’s house! Phew**

I have also been browsing weight loss inspiration pages at night instead of playing mindless games on my phone. I think it is helping with the night time munchies.

Weigh-in: (255.2 pounds down since June 2014)

Mental Battle

I have been getting back into shape mentally. I’ve been stuck in a cycle of 10 or so pounds and have gotten into bad mental habits. Eating something only because it tastes good and being relieved if I “got away with it” on the scale. Also, the I earned it mentality for treats, every day….

So I’m trying to get out of the dieting mindset and instead flexing my willpower. I am trying to change the negative thoughts, “I can’t have that dessert because I’m trying to lose weight” into positive thoughts. “I am choosing a better body for myself tomorrow by making good decisions today”.

7/10/14 Weigh-in: 253.2 (2 pounds down since June 2014)

1 Week Later

6/30/14 Weigh-in: 255.2
7/7/14 Weigh-in: 255.2

I’m trying hard to not be mad at myself. I’m trying to figure out why I can only seem to keep my nutrition on track for 2 days and then it gets progressively worse for the next 4 or 5.

Today is a new day. See you tomorrow Mr. Scale!

Late night eating

So last night snacking got the better of me. I was very active yesterday I:
Taught 60 minutes of water aerobics
Mowed the yard for 45 minutes
Walked around a pool for baby water classes for 60 minutes
Weeded my garden for 45 minutes

and I was tired at the end of the day. Then I decided not to go to bed on time. Then I ran out and got Arby’s. Ugh!

Starting my streak over today.


Also I ate that Arby’s at 11 pm. So of course my weight was up this morning as well. I am very proud that I did weigh in this morning and I know I can’t change my decisions yesterday but I will do better today!

Weigh-in: 253.8 (1.4 pounds down since June 2014)


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